The OFATV was incorporated in the late nineties with a vision of facilitating the creation of a province-wide family of regional ATV Clubs.

At the beginning, the main obstacle was the lack of recognition by the MTO of an ATV as an actual “vehicle,” which meant that an “ATV Club” could neither acquire liability insurance for a trail system, nor even acquire director’s insurance for a Club.
After years of frustration and government lobbying by the OFATV, Provincial Bill 11-306 was finally passed in 2003 by the Ontario legislature. The passage of this Bill was the cornerstone of the development of the sport of recreational ATVing in Ontario.

Within a year or two, at least a dozen or so, Ontario regional ATV Clubs were enabled to create, maintain, promote, and insure REAL ATV trails under the umbrella of, and with the funding assistance of, the OFATV.

At the same time, the EOTA (Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance) was also able to sanction ATV Clubs, with a priority on the development of the sport specifically in South-Eastern Ontario.

Since those early days of Club sanctioning, the two umbrella organizations, OFATV and EOTA have been working together to open up trails province-wide to riders. Each organization sanctions, and sells memberships and trail passes in different parts of Ontario. But membership in either organization allows riding on trails maintained by member Clubs of either umbrella organization.